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At Vertical Motion, we pride ourselves on being natural problem solvers. Our objective is to find the best solution for your business while achieving our Three-O’s methodology (On-Time, On-Budget, & On-Scope). Allow us to introduce you to our award-winning team.

Vertical Motion Inc. is a Calgary & Kelowna-based business supporting the needs of entrepreneurs and business owners since 2006. Our team of expert business specialists, project managers, front and back-end developers, marketers, graphic designers, and professional advisors support the needs of both B2B and B2C businesses in all industries including Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Clean Technology, Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR), Sports and Recreation, Real Estate, and Health Care. We specialize in creating custom Web, iPhone, Android, and Windows solutions for businesses of all sizes including startups, small businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and large corporations.

The Vertical Motion team is highly skilled in software development, native, hybrid, and web-based mobile development, entrepreneur assistance, CTO on-demand, grant writing support, digital marketing, and graphic design. Our expert business advisors and coaches facilitate seamless business workshops that cover a variety of topics such as customer discovery, business plan development, and financial forecasting. 

Mobile Apps

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We use technology to eliminate inefficiencies left over from the old days of paper processes.

Top Calgary and Kelowna App Developer

Since 2006 our team has specialized in developing innovative web applications, mobile applications, and custom software to streamline business processes across all industries.

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Jason Jones

Coach Jason
  • Jason launched Vertical Motion in 2006 and has since grown the business to be one of Canada’s top software and application developers. Besides running and managing the business, Jason predominantly dedicates his time to advising founders and business owners through our Product Launch and CTO on Demand services. He is a well-regarded member of the entrepreneur community and plays a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of startups as an Entrepreneur in Residence (EiR) at Foresight CAC and Business Mentor at Futurpreneur Canada. Jason is a practiced leader, self-starter, and visionary who effectively articulates both high-level business concepts and intricate technical details in a way that experienced and novice founders can comprehend. His strong commitment to supporting his clients coupled with his genuine care for their business creates an open space for creativity, innovation, and growth.

    Bill Copeland

    Bill Copeland
  • Bill started working with Vertical Motion in April 2021 and has been a vital element in the success of our business. His role predominantly focuses on satisfying the needs of our diverse stakeholders through sound communication, expert project planning, and a strong motivation to help our clients reach their strategic and operational goals. Bill’s calm demeanour and positive outlook leave a lasting impression on everyone he works with. His proven track record in identifying inefficient processes and applying his critical thinking capabilities has helped many of our clients achieve operational success. Bill’s natural leadership abilities and strong interpersonal skills allow him to motivate his team members helping them reach their full potential. 

    Randy Pringle

  • Randy started working with Vertical Motion in November 2019 and has since rejoined our organization in March 2022. His role as project manager and business analyst is backed by 24 years of Information Technology (IT) experience in software development, database administration, enterprise resource planning, and customer relationship management (CRM). Randy’s diverse background includes managing teams based in Vietnam, France, India, Brazil, Nigeria, and the Middle East. His passion for IT stems back to the early 1980s with the launch of the Atari 400, Intellivision, and Commodore 64 which led him to pursue a beloved career in the technology industry. Randy prides himself on being an experienced problem solver, project manager, and technical team coordinator. His technical understanding paired with his business acumen and MBA designation gives him the tools he needs to exceed expectations. Randy enjoys keeping things light and strives to make the work environment productive and enjoyable.

    Ben Gao

    Ben Gao
  • Ben started working with Vertical Motion in May 2021 as an intelligent junior Unity developer capable of various programming languages and developer tools. Since then, Ben’s curiosity and commitment to professional development have helped him expand his capabilities and refine his skills in back-end development. A graduate of the University of British Columbia (UBC) with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Ben’s technical understanding combined with his problem-solving and critical thinking skills provides immense value to Vertical Motion and its clients. His persistent and task-oriented personality pushes him daily to resolve technical issues and identify the best solutions for our clients. Ben continues to help Vertical Motion grow and broaden our services by conducting research and development on Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality while continuing to improve his development skills.

    Anthony Tibbs

  • Anthony started working with Vertical Motion in April 2022 as an experienced database programmer with expertise in PHP, Laravel, and Drupal. As a back-end developer, his role primarily focuses on server architecture, data transformation, programming, and infrastructure development. Anthony’s Diverse professional background includes over 12 years of practicing class action litigation and devoting himself to supporting individuals with disabilities by developing, automating, and testing assistive technologies. His passion for technology dates back to his childhood when he became fascinated with understanding the intricate workings of products like the Atari. Through his commitment to creating quality software for our clients, Anthony plays a significant role in supporting the continued growth of Vertical Motion and our clients.

    Tambi Asawo

  • Tambi started working with Vertical Motion in January 2022 and has since played a pivotal part in supporting the development efforts of our business. His role predominantly focuses on front-end development where he delights customers by creating enhanced user experiences (UX) and unique user interfaces (UI) with the support of his technical background and creative mindset. Tambi’s notable industry experience with gaming giant Electronic Arts (EA) coupled with his warm presence and determined personality gives both internal and external stakeholders confidence that his work will exceed expectations. His analytical eye and diligent processes ensure that his software development aligns with client expectations and satisfies the needs of their customers. Tambi’s hardworking nature and commitment to creating value encourage his team members to strive for excellence also.

    Sam Adesina

  • Sam started working with Vertical Motion in February 2022 and has been an essential member of our development team since then. His role as a full-stack developer spans many disciplines including front-end development, back-end development, and DevOps. Sam’s diverse technical background gives him the confidence to manage both sides of applications including architecting sophisticated technology, maintaining highly functional operating systems, optimizing user experiences (UX), and creating seamless user interfaces (UI). His positive attitude and cheerful personality paired with his team-first mentality encourage and empower those around him. Sam’s strong technical experience in Python, Javascript and PHP has proven to be an invaluable asset as he continues to develop professional and user-friendly applications. His strong determination and commitment to going above and beyond ensures that our client’s needs are met on time, every time.

    Jaasiel Diaz

  • Jaasiel started with Vertical Motion in May 2022 as a senior software developer with high-level industry experience in .NET, MS SQL Server, Azure, Angular, JavaScript, NodeJS, DevOps, AWS, and more. His professional industry experience spans nearly two decades in full-stack software development and management, where he effectively planned and executed complex development projects. Jaasiel’s positive energy and passionate enthusiasm strengthen relationships among internal and external stakeholders, empowering everyone to strive for their best. Alongside his technical expertise, Jaasiel prides himself on his advanced productivity, leadership, and organizational skills that contribute to his results-driven personality. His continuous commitment to empathetic innovation and precise engineering supports the continued growth of Vertical Motion and its client.

    Tyler Mikitka​

  • Tyler started working as a consultant for Vertical Motion in November 2019 and has since joined the team full-time playing an essential role in marketing, communications, and sales. His role as marketing specialist primarily focuses on digital marketing, SEO optimization, grant and creative writing, sales and leads management, as well as business advisement. Tyler’s positive and enthusiastic attitude paired with his love for making others laugh ensures our work environment remains light and cheerful. His commitment to continuous growth and improvement helps push internal and external projects to their fullest potential. Tyler can regularly be found supporting his colleagues by always looking for ways to alleviate their workload. His empathetic personality and love for business allow Tyler to easily relate to his clients as he works to support their personal and professional needs.

    Gwynn Kirk

    Gwynn Kirk - Design
  • Gwynn started with Vertical Motion in June 2009, continuing a career of designing sharp and effective work for startups, non-profits, and large corporations. Her role as graphic designer includes developing branding materials, sales documents, event displays, digital advertisements, websites, and application interfaces, prioritizing human-centred and accessible design. Since creating her first website in 1997, she has expanded her expertise to include application workflow, wireframe development, and UX/UI design. Gwynn’s fun-loving attitude, passion for innovation, and creative outlook help boost morale while strengthening external customer relations. Her keen ability to capture fine details through insightful visual communication ensures Vertical Motion’s customers consistently receive tailor-made, beautiful, and – most importantly – effective designs.

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