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Gwynn Kirk, Designer

Gwynn is a veteran of the turn-of-the-century Internet boom, but has considered the web her medium since 1997 when she made her first website. She initially studied jewelry and metalsmithing at the Alberta College of Art & Design, but worked as a graphic designer and writer early on for the Certified Management Accountants of Alberta. After cutting her teeth in their marketing department, Gwynn moved forward with Stormworks, a leading edge internet consulting firm which provided exposure to a variety of roles, such as site strategy development, interface usability analysis, graphic design, and copyediting.

Gwynn continued as a writer and designer online with Star Choice, and later Replicon, where she designed the look & feel of next-generation web applications and managed usability decisions for new features. After Replicon, she consulted in the same vein as a writer and designer with Material Insight for over two years. With Vertical Motion, Gwynn has continued her interface design and graphic design career in everything from mobile devices to large scale print pieces.