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Web Front End Developer, Permanent or Part-Time

Virtual Office Seeks Manager of One

Web Front End Developer, Permanent or Part-Time

Are you a night owl, or an early bird? A self-starter who can judge priorities and juggle tasks? Someone who knows what they need to focus – loud music, complete silence, or something in between? Are you a natural communicator, comfortable and engaged with online collaboration tools? Do you thrive in solitude, getting more done when left alone than when you’re interrupted by the hundred small distractions of an office setting?

And: are you someone who would like to commute between your bedroom and home office?

We are expanding the Vertical Motion ‘Ground Control’ team. Are you a .Net developer looking to join a company that believes in telecommuting, collaboration, and getting the job done? Send your cover letter and resume to


Our ideal candidate is an entrepreneur at heart. This person might have their own projects on the go, but seek a collaborative, stable part-time environment that will underwrite their efforts with a salary and benefits while providing the freedom and flexibility to work, live, and play on their own terms.

We provide that, requiring a commitment of two or three development days per week, with Great West Life benefits and a work-from-home virtual office model. If you hit your deadlines, maintain your tickets, reply to e-mails, and make time for infrequent conferences and meetings, we don’t care if you start work at 1am and sleep past noon.


  • A “Manager of One:” you hit deadlines, balance priorities, and communicate updates independently
  • Natural enthusiasm and a hunger for knowledge
  • Familiar with startup environments and working remotely
  • Ability to communicate in writing (ticket management, updates to clients)
  • Capable in CSS, Javascript, Angular, AJAX, HTML 5, aware of their requisite browser quirks
  • Ability to tell at least one (1) good joke


  • Strong HTML, CSS, and Javascript Development skills
  • Familiarity with AngularJS and HTML 5
  • Working with RESTful Web services


  • In depth knowledge of JQuery
  • Exposure to advanced web UIs
  • Interests in Native and Cross Platform mobile development

Bulleted lists are a terrible measure of a person, of course. If you think you have something to offer in this environment but you don’t hit every single mark, talk to us anyway, and explain what you can bring to the table.

Vertical Motion is a core team supported by a distributed network of international contractors, predominantly in Canada and the USA.

Interested? Contact us at .We’re looking forward to meeting you!