Summit Memorials

Design and Development of a 3D Monument Designer using the Unity/VR engine.

Using the technology, Unity, a cross-platform game engine, Vertical Motion developed a 3D memorial designer to streamline monument design processes.

Summit Memorials specializes in the craftsmanship of cemetery headstones and grave markers for families throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Summit Memorials approached Vertical Motion to develop a 3D-based application that would help streamline the order process flow and allow for the families to visualize the cemetery memorial within a 3D environment.  The cemetery headstones, grave markers and other cemetery components were constructed by Autodesk 3DS Max to produce an accurate visualization within the 3D environment. In addition, Vertical Motion developed a web-based backend to support the administrative requirements of the application.

Summit Memorials
This 3D memorial designer has a web-based administrative back end and uses Unity and ASP.NET for an interactive monument-building experience.
Summit Memorials

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