Underwood Gilholme

Underwood Gilholme needed an updated brand and collateral, including logo, cards, and a website.

Underwood Gilholme is Calgary’s premier wills & estates boutique, but a decade of focusing on clients had left the brand and website a little bit dated.

With an office move on the horizon, it was time to make a change to the brand’s look and feel, as well.

Updated print work, like clean letterhead, new business cards, and a postcard notice to clients and business contacts announced the new brand to the world, followed by a fresh new website with a cheerful, friendly approach to wills and estates, a topic some people consider with trepidation. Content and imagery was brightened and made relevant to Underwood Gilholme’s demographics and markets.

Underwood Gilholme made a splash in their new location with a logo that took the square motif from their original identity and reinterpreted it with a modern typeface and crisp shape, broken into a deconstructed tricolour gradient. The “frame” became a recurring motif in their website and materials, wreathing their headshots and buttons.

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