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Poker4Golf iPhone app developed for golf scorekeeping and gaming

Calgary, Canada – Vertical Motion, the company behind great apps like BOMA Calgary and Calgary Humane Society, is proud to announce the release of their Poker4Golf app.

Poker4Golf is a golf betting game that combines the strategy of poker with the skill of golf. The app treats each hole like a poker hand in an 18-hand tournament. Players ante, post blinds, and bet on the tee box based on their confidence around the expected outcome for the hole. Features include:

  • Customization: the ability to design unlimited poker game, course, and player profiles
  • Score tracking: save any golf round to a user profile’s history, and review the scorecard for each game
  • Handicapping: calculate handicaps with the built-in handicap system, and play with handicaps or without
  • Buy in: choose the cost, and how many chips per round
  • Rebuys: determine how many, to what hole, minimum chips, and cost for rebuys in rounds
  • Antes & blinds: play with or without depending on user preference
  • Min & max: set minimum and maximum bet, including pot limit of the round
  • Payout methods: either players win a percentage of the pot, based on their chip amount, or create a fully customizable ranking system
  • Pot splitting: the app handles all calculations for users.

After teeing off, the player furthest from the hole has the option to initiate a betting round, if they’re confident they can hole out before their friends can. Once initiated, players must call, raise, or fold. Betting rounds continue to occur whenever the furthest player initiates one, until all players have holed out, at which time the winner (or winners) of the hole are shown. Once players are finished their golf round, a payout screen shows each player’s final winnings.

In addition to the Poker4Golf app, Vertical Motion is also in the process of developing a course facing app for the golfing industry. Games4Golf will be an events calculator to help boost golf courses’ revenue by easily handling more new events. Games4Golf will be released in Fall 2012.

The Poker4Golf app is available for free in the iTunes App Store.

To learn more about Vertical Motion, and both Poker4Golf and Games4Golf, please visit their website



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