In The News: Jason Jones in Capital Ideas Calgary – Calgary Herald

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Vertical Motion’s President, Jason Jones, was quoted in today’s Calgary Herald in the weekly Capital Ideas feature published today, October 30, 2014.

Alberta Women Entrepreneurs CEO Tracey Scarlett asked Calgary entrepreneurs, ‘What have you done to put your business in a position to grow?’

“Our team. Everyone in Vertical Motion is empowered and trusted to fulfill their role. If you don’t have confidence in your team, you’ll quickly find yourself suffering from what we call ‘founderitis’– where all the skills and tendencies that allowed you to run a business solo actually end up impeding your ability to scale. A founder has their finger in every pie, and their hand in every project, but the leader of a team will become a bottleneck if they don’t learn to delegate and trust. Micromanagement is the death knell for any small business that’s in a growth phase.”

– Jason Jones, Vertical Motion

Check out Jason’s insight in the business section of today’s Calgary Herald and at this link.

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