Best Practices for Engaging a Software And Mobile Development Firm

Engaging a Web Development Firm

by Gwynn Kirk, Designer and Editor

So you’ve decided to engage a software and mobile development firm – congratulations! At Vertical Motion, our goal is to help businesses with customized applications to solve real-world problems. If you are teaming up with us, that means that you have identified an issue that you would like to solve through software.

However, identifying and selecting the firm that you would like to work with is just the first step. Working with a development company can be daunting, when you have to trust someone to tackle technology or design problems you can’t handle yourself. It’s a significant investment, and although the firm you choose might be a trusted referral or come with good reviews, we recognize that trust takes time to build too.

Here are a few steps we can take together to promote a successful software and mobile development partnership:

1) Determine the best point of contact within your organization.

Have a designated contact who the firm can work with directly. Ideally, this person should have decision authority and recurring time to work with us.

2) Identify your pain points and problems.

Often, people come to us with a predetermined solution. This is great, but we want to know about the problem itself, too! We have been building mobile and software solutions since 2006 and have figured out that the best way to meet business goals is to use a “problem-first” approach. Knowing the root causes of the issue and your ideas for how to solve them can help us work through the possibilities and present the best solutions.

We also take this approach when we work on design or marketing projects with our clients. We want to know your ideas and preferences, but we’ll also ask the probing questions to make sure our efforts align with your business goals. Questions like “Do we need a newsletter, or can we answer this business goal with a really good blog?”, or “Do we need print collateral such as business cards or pop-up banners?”.

3) Let us work for you!

We first analyze the project and prepare a blueprint of the solution. Once the blueprint is approved, we can start the work! We conduct regular check-ins with the point of contact within your company, which will ensure you can trust things are being handled on your behalf. This consistent communication ensures you’re involved every step of the way, while leaving you time to focus on your other pressing priorities.

At Vertical Motion, we like to act as a part of your company, beyond consultants or contractors. This means that we don’t just execute – we innovate. We talk with our clients to discuss their specific pain points and we work together with them to figure out the path to success.

Do you have a software or mobile project that you want to launch? We’d love to help you get there. Contact us today – and let’s work through the steps above together!

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