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Wordpress Development

What is WordPress and why do people use it?

WordPress is a free open-source content management system (CMS) that has been around since 2003. It’s grown from a simple blogging site to a site platform used from everything from personal pages to enterprise storefronts.

WordPress is popular because it is:

  1. Well-established: The history of development on the WordPress platform has polished it to a very high shine. Security updates are frequent and the platform is well-supported.

  2. Quick to deploy: There’s almost no development time when you want to get a WordPress site put up – it’s more about the design decisions and content you need to get out into the world. If you’re not reinventing the wheel with your website technologies, and you want to spend more time communicating than coding, WordPress is for you.

  3. User-friendly: Easy to set up and designed for anyone to use, not just a software developer. The new gutenberg tool allows users to create pages with drag & drop. No code required.

  4. Surrounded by Community: Because it’s been successful for so long, WordPress has a vital development and design community creating plugins, themes, and resources for the platform.

  5. Customizable with Themes: And on that note, the themes – readily available, incredibly varied, and reasonably priced – are beautiful, often very design-forward, and help visualize your WordPress site quicker. These themes are also mobile responsible with lots of options for customization – though there are some that are more option-restrictive, a lot of the most popular themes are extremely flexible.

  6. Code-Flexible: If the theme isn’t just perfect, most also allow modified CSS to change or add features with the plugin without hours of development time. You can also add custom css & code to your application.

  7. Customizable with Plugins: The basic platform is very clean, but there are a multitude of well-tested quality-of-life and functionality plugins available for free to augment your site. They extend functionality and are quick to install & use. Plugins we recommend are utility tools like easy page duplication, broken link checkers, and e-mail obscurers to prevent bots scraping your company’s e-mail addresses for spam.

  8. Supported: Since WordPress has a large community, the support for plugins and documentation is readily available. Popular themes often come with a dedicated support team over a subscription period.

  9. Easy to Host: WordPress can be self hosted or you can use WordPress’ hosting. WordPress hosting can be minimal and low cost. Hosting offers managed solutions, so no IT or software developer required.

Vertical Motion WordPress Best Practices:

  • Back-ups Daily: We back-up the website every evening to ensure we have you covered. You’re never more than a day out of date if you need to revert.
  • Monthly regular routine updates: We regularly update our websites to ensure plugins aren’t open for security threats. We monitor new plugin releases to make sure they still fit with the current website. If a plugin update fail, our team can resolve the issue and revert to the previous version of the plugin.
  • Code tweaks & changes: We can help make code changes if they’re above and beyond the content management system’s capabilities – menu updates, blog post layouts, and any other design element you need.
  • Content & graphics updates: If you want Vertical Motion to handle your posting and imagery changes, we are happy to do so! Because WordPress is easy to update, the hourly cost is low.
  • Training: Want to be able to do updates yourself? We can teach you the ropes!
  • Security: We monitor & block suspicious IP address attempting to enter your site, security vulnerabilities with plugins & themes, and suspicious file changes. In tandem with our backups, your site is always safe and secure.

Contact us to make your WordPress implementation a success!

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