Vertical Motion Launches New Business Coaching Program to Help Entrepreneurs Succeed

Strategic Partnership

Whether you are at the early stages of turning your idea into an app, or if you already have a software or mobile product but are encountering obstacles, Vertical Motion’s new business coaching program can help.

Our program matches entrepreneurs and inventors with advisors, who each have their own areas of focus. Collectively, advisors will guide you to think strategically about what you want to achieve when building and running the app, web or software you want developed.

That process will look different for everyone, depending on your industry, product and which stage your business is at.

For new entrepreneurs, an advisor may help you determine who your app’s target market is and how to ensure this is a solution they’ll use. Other business owners may need help pitching their software solution to investors, refining their overall business strategy or creating a detailed marketing plan for an existing app.

Overall, however, the goal of Vertical Motion’s new business coaching program is the same. By working with you upfront to investigate and refine the app or software you need, we are ensuring we can create an end product poised for success.


Let’s say you come to Vertical Motion wanting to turn an idea in your head into a successful app. For example, you’ve come up with a process solution for managing workflows in your own operations. You know that others could benefit from this solution, and you feel ready to investigate turning this into an app or business.

Vertical Motion can create the app you envision, but first we’re going to ask you a lot of questions, like:

  • Who is your audience?
  • How will this help them?
  • Is an app the best solution?
  • What does it need to do?
  • How will you market this to that audience?

This process of digging deep upfront helps ensure the final product will succeed, and not just from a technical standpoint. After all, a shiny new app may work perfectly but quickly becomes useless without users.

During that investigation process, questions may come up that don’t have ready answers. That’s where we can connect you with an advisor who is experienced in that area and ready to help.

Some entrepreneurs may enter this process knowing their idea or plan has holes, but uncertain how to fill them. Others may not realize what pieces they’re missing until they start answering Vertical Motion’s questions and discover unexplored areas.

Either way, our experienced advisors will work with you to solve any specific problems you have and to make sure you’ve considered all relevant angles.

You might meet with one advisorfor a few hour-long coaching sessions, or this work may involve multiple advisors and sessions.

Through putting this effort in early on, the rest of the development process becomes significantly smoother. We’re able to not only turn your idea into reality, but we’re also helping set your final product up for success.


Vertical Motion’s coaches and advisors are experts in a range of areas, including technology development, marketing and business operations. Many are successful entrepreneurs themselves, meaning they can easily relate to what you’re going through. (View the advisors here.)


This new approach is informed by Vertical Motion’s considerable experience creating customized software and mobile apps since 2006. In that time, we’ve seen how asking tough questions upfront helps to create stronger and better solutions.

We’ve long offered advice and coaching in an informal manner. Now, we’re solidifying that experience into a formal business coaching program, designed to provide you with a clear path to follow and expert advice at every turn.

We are excited to launch our new business advisor program and are looking forward to connecting entrepreneurs with relevant experts who can help them succeed.

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