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Vertical Motion Chats With Calgary Entrepreneur Hafiz Mitha On Mental Health

By Tyler Mikitka Hafiz Mitha is a “social entrepreneur on a mission to help remove barriers, increase real and diverse relationships and have fun in …

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Clutch Selects Vertical Motion as a Top Agency in Canada

UI and UX go together like gravy and fries. While UI deals with what the user sees, UX has more to do with what the …

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Vertical Motion Blog

A fresh perspective

We’re excited to welcome new visitors to the updated To learn about our process, please visit about us. You can learn about our team …

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Strategic Partnership

Vertical Motion Launches New Business Coaching Program to Help Entrepreneurs Succeed

Whether you are at the early stages of turning your idea into an app, or if you already have a software or mobile product but …

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Choosing the right website developer

If you’re ready for a new or updated website, you need a developer who can cover all the bases, providing a responsive and clean website …

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Clutch Canada Top B2B Company 2020

Vertical Motion Proud to be Named a Top Canadian App Development Agency by Clutch

Here at Vertical Motion, we know it can seem tricky for a new company to achieve early success while also implementing high quality software solutions. …

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Static Web

Static Websites, Back to the Basics

In this modern era of large, powerful, complex websites, we often lose sight of what really matters: the user experience. This can encompass everything from …

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Static Websites

The Cost to Build an App

by Jason Jones One of the most common questions we hear at Vertical Motion is, “I need an app! How much will it cost?” The …

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.NET Cheatsheet

.NET Core Command Line Cheatsheet

An interesting trend I’ve noticed over the last several years is a strong move in the development world to command-line CLIs. They can really make …

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Headless CMS

Don’t lose your “head” when you first hear the term Headless CMS

CMS stands for Content Management System. A few non headless CMSs you may have heard of include WordPress and Drupal. These platforms however have evolved …

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Business Analysis

A Good Sundae Starts With Great Ice Cream

By Jason Jones Can you imagine ordering a delicious sundae at an ice cream shop, only to leave with a bowl full of whipped cream …

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Agile Projects

How Agile Keeps Projects On Track, On Time, On Budget

by Iain Ingram When we look at traditional project management we are often reminded of the constraints of the “Iron Triangle”. Traditional approach: Fixed scope …

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SQL Server With Docker

Setting Up SQL Server on Your Mac Using Docker

Modern Microsoft is working really hard to make sure that all their tools work on any operating system. In 2016 they announced support for SQL …

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SEO Optimization

Five Ways To Improve Your SEO Ranking

So, you’ve built a website that promotes your business or sells products or maybe your website provides the world with knowledge on the latest technologies. …

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WordPress Maintenance

9 WordPress Woes

Some of the most common WordPress woes are: Core WordPress is Minimal: WordPress core website has minimal functionality. It’s meant to only be a simple …

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