Expanding the impact and reach of a growing clean tech enterprise making huge advancements in the global energy sector

The basics






  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • HubSpot
  • PowerPoint
  • Print
  • Social Media
  • WordPress


OptiSeis Solutions Ltd. (OptiSeis) is a leading-edge geophysical acquisition company that provides unparalleled seismic survey design software, modelling, geophysical interpretation, and quality control processing. Through the application of advanced technology, world-class industry experts, well-grounded research, and accurate hypothesis testing, OptiSeis’ mission is to transform the energy industry by striking a balance between operational success and environmental sustainability. 


OptiSeis’ rapid acceleration and business scaling left its team with limited time to amplify early successes. To take advantage of its growing recognition, the client contacted Vertical Motion for business strategy advising on scaling operations, hiring skilled employees, pitching to investors, and applying for grant funding. This revealed several opportunities to update the client’s brand imagery, business materials, and marketing communications for a more consistent customer experience.



Vertical Motion started by transforming the client’s current logo into a modern and refreshing design that better illustrates the pure round circle of a seismic “ping”. This branched off into several other projects, including branding design for their flagship software offering EcoSeis, PowerPoint presentation development, video brand overlays, convention displays, and a website and social media appearance overhaul. Steady, tailored posting continues to amplify their message in the industry, showcasing their performance and presentations at North America’s biggest industry conventions.


  • Optimized corporate structure
  • New identities in a common suite
  • New visual brand in all communications
  • Multiple client contacts per week
  • Active, engaged user base and exciting clientele
"We are really happy with the design work provided by Vertical Motion. We are now working with the VM team to update our website and create new marketing materials such as Zoom backgrounds, presentation slide decks, and marketing brochures. Regarding Jason's mentorship, the overall program has been very beneficial for our business. It's the type of program I think every startup business should go through. Jason helped us streamline our processes, use our resources more effectively and efficiently to achieve greater success for our business."
Andrea Crook
OptiSeis Solutions Ltd.
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